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Thomas P. Barnwell III - Professor

Dr. Thomas P. Barnwell III received his B.S. degree in 1965, his M.S. degree in 1967, and his Ph.D. degree in 1970, from M.I.T. His graduate work concerned aspects of computer speech synthesis by rule from text. Since coming to Georgia Tech in 1971, he has developed courses in Speech Theory and Digital Systems, and has developed Computer-Aided Instruction support facilities for undergraduate laboratories and for networking and distributed processing. He has been principal investigator on numerous research contracts and grants in the areas of speech coding and analysis, objective quality measures for speech, multiprocessor architectures for digital signal processing, and computer networking and distributed processing.

Professor Barnwell's current research interests are in applying linguistic constraints in speech coding; developing new objective measures for speech quality; addressing fundamental issues in speech related digital signal processing; studying iterative and non-iterative algorithms for optimal coder design for complex cost functions; low rate LPC based speech coding systems; and intermediate rate hybrid speech coding systems. He is also interested in techniques for the optimum implementation of digital signal processing algorithms on synchronous multiprocessor systems.

At Bell Telephone Laboratories, did research on ambient underwater noise and modeling of acoustic properties of multi-layer strata. At MIT, developed speech synthesis-by-rule systems and developed algorithms for generation of segment durations for speech synthesis. At Georgia Tech, has been heavily involved in research, curriculum development, teaching, and laboratory development. In research, has done internationally recognized work in speech coding, objective measures for speech quality testing, multiprocessor architectures for digital signal processing, and digital signal processing algorithms. In curriculum development, has introduced five new courses in digital systems, speech theory, and multiprocessor architectures for digital signal processing. In laboratory development, founded the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory and procured over four million dollars in equipment over a fifteen year period. In research administration, has procured and managed about thirty research and equipment grants, and has directly supervised the activities of the three engineers and two technicians associated with the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory.

As an entrepreneur, was a co-founder of Atlanta Signal Processors, Incorporated (ASPI), and has been involved in the development of all aspects of the business. As president, has primary responsibility for the operation of the company, including new product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, office functions, and customer support. ASPI has been a pioneer in the area of digital signal processing technology, and ASPI's products include hardware and software tools for DSP algorithm development and multimedia on high-speed DSP microprocessors.

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